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Anthony Quartararo

Tony Quartararo is the Founder, CEO and President of Spatial Networks, whose daily role is to clear the path for the rest of the SNI staff so they can realize their individual and team potential. He worked for a number of companies before starting SNI, each of them leveraging some aspect of geospatial technology, where he learned some important lessons about management, shared vision, and making a difference.

After an intense year of working for URS, Tony decided that if he was going to work in excess of 80 hours per week, it would be on his own terms — so he started Spatial Networks in June of 2000. (It was one of the most difficult and terrifying decisions he’s ever made, especially since his wife was several months pregnant with their first child.)

Tony graduated from Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography/GIS, and went to Portland State University in Portland, OR, for his Masters in GIS/Urban Planning. Before he could finish his thesis, however, he took a job with a company doing mapping work for the USGS and USFS and never looked back. What little free time he has is mostly spent with his family, but he also enjoys hiking, backpacking, and mountaineering, and has been known to take off and fly to Mexico to climb on volcanoes. He’s also a fan of soccer, ice hockey, and MMA, and knows his way around a kitchen.

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Anthony Quartararo

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