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Having already established a dominant presence in the data collection sector, we continue to develop software tools to improve our processes and stay ahead of the competition.

Developed by Spatial Networks, Fulcrum is the industry-leading data collection platform that enables users to easily build custom apps for capturing information in the field.

  • fulcrum-offline Offline Data Collection
  • fulcrum-richmedia Rich Media Collection
  • fulcrum-customform Custom Form Builder
  • fulcrum-realtime Real-Time Tracking
  • fulcrum-api API Integration
  • fulcrum-secure Secure Storage
  • fulcrum-teamroles Team Roles
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Fulcrum Abstract
Customer Solution

Countering Illicit Wildlife Poaching in Kenya

In 2016, the International Fund for Animal Welfare and the Kenyan Wildlife Services joined forces on tenBoma, a project developed to counter the illicit wildlife trade in Kenya. Spatial Networks provided training and access to Fulcrum, enabling the wildlife service to catalog and disseminate geo-referenced poaching events in a timely manner. The project provided an innovative and effective method to track criminal events and arrest the associated perpetrators.

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