Helping farmers, merchants, and investors ensure food security and sustainability with accurate, timely, ground-truth data.

Leveraging Data to Feed The World

Spatial Networks provides geospatial solutions that empower decision makers around the world with real time or near-real time information on weather, crop health, equipment, logistics and more.


Understand Ground Conditions a World Away

We deliver verifiable, ground-truth data from anywhere on Earth that cannot be gleaned from satellite imagery or remote sensing to help you predict crop yields and forecast market demands. Our global network of geospatial professionals collect information on soil, pests, product health, weather effects, wildlife impact, transportation issues, local demographics, and more.

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Real-time Data for Informed Decision Making

With our powerful mobile data-collection platform, field workers can conduct daily harvest and safety inspections, irrigation maintenance and more with just a mobile device, even without connectivity. Rapid communication helps ensure healthy crops and compliance with safety protocols and eliminates paperwork, data-entry errors, frustrating delays and unnecessary trips to the office.

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Case Study

Wonderful Orchards

The world's largest grower of pistachios, almonds, and pomegranates uses Fulcrum to manage 85,000 geographically dispersed planted acres, ensure food safety, monitor beehive activity, manage their irrigation systems and more.

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