Critical Infrastructure Assessment

Identify vulnerabilities within key facilities that render them susceptible to threats by terrorists, nation-states, criminals, and natural disasters.

Safeguarding Our Way of Life

The protection of essential services is vital to maintaining economic and national security. Our 100,000+ geospatial professionals deliver authentic, detailed data from the field to help you ensure the resilience of critical infrastructure.


Mitigating Risk Nationwide

Using proprietary processes, our immense human capital network can conduct field assessments at the local and national level, identifying security gaps and interdependencies across all sectors.


Turning Data Into Actionable Insights

We deliver accurate, exclusive data only obtainable by locals on the ground to provide you with the information you need to monitor, manage, and mitigate risks to your assets.

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    Transportation Grid

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    Oil, Gas, & Energy

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    Water & Sewage

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    Electrical Grid


Increase Infrastructure Security

Pinpoint the necessary protective measures to improve response, resilience, and recovery of your facilities with data collected through rigorous assessment and analysis.

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