We help governments make more informed decisions by thinking spatially.

Government Services

Whether by collecting exit poll data or locating and recording the location of government offices, we are empowering decision makers at every level of government with accurate, relevant, and timely information.

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Economic Development

Using our human capital network of more than 100,000 globally dispersed professionals we are able to deliver in-situ information about developing economies where traditional economic metrics do not exist.

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Government Facilities

Even with the seemingly inexhaustible amount of information available today, government operations and infrastructure in developing countries can appear invisible or non-existent. Using proprietary processes, we uncover relevant information and translate it into authoritative data.

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    Polling Locations

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    Criminal Detention

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    Legislative Buildings

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    Educational Institutions

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Election Data Collection

Accurate and timely allocation of resources can make or break an election strategy. By correlating exit poll data with human geography demographics we can better interpret the changing political landscape.

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