Security & Protection

Monitor your assets, information, and personnel to manage and mitigate risks and protect your interests.

Enhancing safety at home and abroad

Our network of 100,000+ geospatial professionals deliver accurate, timely, street-level data — from anywhere in the world — offering a detailed view of realities on the ground with on-demand, third-party monitoring.


Perimeter & Barrier Assessment

Locals on the ground will provide an authoritative assessment of your facilities, identifying vulnerabilities and monitoring potential risk areas, giving you the data you need to keep your property and personnel secure.

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Secure Strategies for Threat Detection

We leverage geography to deliver unique insights into local and global threats to your intellectual and physical property, tracking problem areas in real-time or near real-time so you can take protective measures.

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    Protests & Local Unrest

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    Crime & Graffiti

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    Local Law Enforcement


Secure, Cloud-based Data Collection

Data collected is safely stored in the cloud and kept confidential. We maintain a strict, non-disclosure agreement with our international partners so our customers’ interests are protected at all times.

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